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Acoustics never looked better


Redefining your workspace

What we do

We optimize your videoconferencing-rooms. Acoustics, lighting or cabling. We also offer housing solutions for your equipment.

Lighting is an important part of your workspace. We deliver custom lighting adapted to your space and needs.

The Heckler AV Credenza. A unique cabinet to house all your VC equipment. Neatly out of the way but easily serviceable.

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Our passion for perfection has lead us to look for optimal solutions. Acoustics, lighting, custom workspaces.


A few examples of our products and solutions.

  • This piece of art can be mounted on wall or ceiling. It will reduce echo and reverb in your space

    Design Acoustics

    Acoustics never looked better!

  • Place this Video Pod anywhere in your office and immediately create a privacy-booth.

    Video Booth

    An acoustically isolated videoconferencing-booth

  • With our lighting solutions you can create any mood.

    Custom Lighting

    Lighting impacts your workspace. See?

  • Acoustic furniture: this sofa will help you control your room acoustics.

    Acoustic Sofa

    Place this acoustic sofa anywhere in the room to reduce reverb.

  • All VC equipment out of sight but easily serviceable.

    Heckler Credenza

    This credenza can house all your Videoconferencing equipment.


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