The camera is key in how people are presented in a meeting. A clear, lag- and lossless picture is not a luxury but a necessity. Elevision offers a full range of cameras, from clip-on webcams to full-motion 4K PTZ cameras.



Minrray is a leading camera manufacturer that integrates research, development and manufacturing. They are widely used with video conferencing and collaboration systems and have proven to be reliable with users worldwide. Elevision is exclusive distributor for the Benelux.

The MG-104 USB Webcam is a prime example: simple, elegant and functional. No complicated installation or configuration but instant professional video, supporting all relevant video formats and platforms.

On the other side of the spectrum we find the UV401A UHD Conferencing Camera. 4K, 60 frames per second, 12x zoom. Fully configurable with remote control and USB3.0, HDMI, RS232/422 connectivity. Due to its prime lens the image is crisp, clear with beautiful color saturation; a truly welcome addition to any boardroom.